Ceramic watch cases embody a fusion of elegance and durability, a blend of fashion and resilience.

Novamos N3

Ceramic, one of humanity’s oldest technologies, represents the ultimate fusion of fire and earth. Even as times have changed, high-tech ceramics have entered the realm of wristwatches, becoming a rising star in watch materials due to their unique beauty.

Compared to the cold touch of metal, the natural luster of ceramics, shaped by fire, gives ceramic surfaces a smooth, flawless finish, exuding a soft yet strong aura. Unlike metal casings with painted finishes, the special coloration process of colored ceramics ensures that their bright luster does not fade over time. More importantly, the thermal insulation properties of ceramic cases offer an ergonomically superior feel. Even on hot summer days, a small watch can still provide a refreshing touch.

However, the progress of time has left its mark on ceramic materials. Modern ceramics, primarily composed of zirconium dioxide powder and sintered at high temperatures, are different from the fragile porcelain vases of the past. Compared to traditional ceramics, modern ceramics used in watch cases are acid-resistant and less prone to oxidation and corrosion over time. Most notably, modern ceramics have a hardness of 18,000 Vickers, far surpassing regular glass and stainless steel, and even nine times that of automotive metals. This high hardness means that ceramic cases, even without special treatment, have a strong resistance to wear and tear. Even severe friction with hard objects in daily life will only result in superficial scratches on the ceramic case, which can be easily repaired with toothpaste and a towel. In terms of daily maintenance, ceramic cases are simpler to care for than metal cases.

The following should be noted:

  1. Avoid collisions with hard objects such as keys and coins; do not store them together with the watch.
  2. Regularly clean the ceramic bezel of the watch using a soft brush and a mild acid-base cleaner to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  3. Avoid prolonged exposure to strong light or high temperatures to prevent possible discoloration or deformation of the ceramic bezel.

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