Why Ceramic Watches are Winning Over Watch Enthusiasts?

When it comes to ceramics, what comes to mind for many people may be the cups, cutlery, tiles and other normal objects in daily life, so it’s not surprising that when ceramic watches appear in the domestic market, they will be mistaken for the IQ tax of the big international brands. Of course, although both have the name of ceramics, the ceramics used in watches and the ceramics used in everyday household items are completely different things.

Currently, ceramic watch cases are made by injecting extremely fine zirconia powder into a mold under high pressure, and then melting and condensing it into non-wearable ceramic parts in a high-temperature sintering furnace at over 1,000 degrees Celsius. This ceramic manufacturing process allows ceramic watches to combine the advantages of traditional ceramics with greater durability than traditional ceramics. Compared with traditional ceramics and metal materials, the ceramic shell has the classic features of smooth surface, wear-resistant, light weight, stable physical properties, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. In particular, the wear-resistant characteristics of the ceramic shell brought about by the high hardness, so that ceramic watches still have a very high value retention after a long period of use.

In addition to durability, the ergonomic adaptation of ceramic watches is also an important reason why ceramic watches are gaining more and more favor in the modern watch market. Unlike the baking paint of metal cases, the special color process of colored ceramics makes the bright glossy color will not fade over time. More importantly, the thermal insulation of the ceramic shell, so that it has a more ergonomic and excellent touch, even in the hot summer, a small watch can still make people feel the valuable refreshing. More importantly, ceramic watches do not have direct contact with the skin of the metal material, which makes the ceramic watch has an excellent hypoallergenic, especially for skin sensitivity or metal allergy consumers, will not bring discomfort to the ceramic material has also become the best choice.

Finally, as more and more big brands at home and abroad begin to get into ceramic watches, in the foreseeable future, ceramic watches will be the new wind mouth of the new generation of craftsmanship and design, and the prelude to a new era of revelry for watch enthusiasts is about to open up to all of us.

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