How to Maintain a Ceramic Watch Case

Regardless of the material, a wristwatch can lose its original luster when coated with grease and dust. Ceramic watches, with their new material advantages, are no exception.

However, due to their material characteristics, ceramic case watches are much easier to maintain than those made from traditional materials. With no need for professional maintenance stores, you can easily perform the cleaning and care at home.

Due to the high chemical stability and corrosion resistance of modern ceramic materials, common household items can be used for cleaning instead of professional tools. For instance, an old toothbrush can serve as a replacement for a specialized watch cleaning brush. As for the cleaning solution, if purchasing a specialized watch cleaner seems inconvenient, filtered 120-grade gasoline can be used.

When cleaning, it’s important to avoid letting liquids seep into the watch’s delicate inner mechanisms. While the ceramic case is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, the intricate movement inside is still fragile. Before cleaning, ensure that the watch crown is pushed in and locked. After cleaning, quickly dry the exterior of the watch. If possible, use a hair dryer to dry it further to prevent moisture from affecting the movement.

For daily maintenance, to prevent faults in the non-ceramic movement and issues like seal degradation, avoid storing the ceramic watch in high-temperature and high-humidity environments. The scratch-resistant nature of ceramic materials means that even if the case gets scratched during vigorous rubbing against hard objects, these scratches can often be polished out using toothpaste and a cloth.

Lastly, while the characteristics of a ceramic case significantly reduce the difficulty of maintenance and cleaning, one unavoidable aspect is the need for careful maintenance of the inner movement. For mid-to-high-end watches, it’s recommended to perform maintenance every two to three years. After all, while the beautiful ceramic case is the watch’s outward charm, the movement inside is its soul that requires constant care and attention.

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