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How does the K89 PRO wireless headphones work?

Product Introduction

  1. Function button
  2. Indicator light
  3. Earphone charging contact
  4. Speaker
  5. Charging box LED light
  6. Lid opening button
  7. Light effect switch
  8. Charging box TYPE-C charging port


Bluetooth earphones *2, Ear caps *2, Instruction manual *1, Storage charging box *1, USB charging cable*1


Press the lid opening button lightly, take out the R/L earphones, and wear the left and right earphones correctly. When the X of the earphone is upright, it is worn correctly.

After hearing the power-on prompt tone, there will be a “beep” prompt tone in the left and right earphones after 1-3 seconds, indicating that the left and right earphones are successfully paired.

Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone, click search, click ‘K89Pro’ to connect.

Once the earphones and the phone have been connected once, the next time you use the earphones and turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, the earphones will automatically reconnect quickly.

Function button:

Earphone touch operation In the state of music

Tap L/R earphone once – Play/Pause In the state of music

Tap R earphone twice – Play the next song In the state of music

Tap L earphone twice – Play the previous song When a call comes in/during a call

Tap L/R earphone once – Answer/End call When a call comes in

Tap L/R earphone twice – Reject incoming call In connected state

Tap L/R for 3 seconds – Connect to voice assistant

Tap L/R earphone three times – Game mode

Tap L/R earphone three times – Music mode

Charging Operation

1.Earphone charging

Open the lid of the charging box, put in the R earphone, place it correctly, let the charging contact of the earphone touch the protruding contact of the charging compartment, the charging box indicator flashes once, then put in the L earphone and place it correctly, the charging box indicator light will also flash once, then the breathing cycle light is on, when the earphone is fully charged, the indicator light goes out.

2.Charging box charging

When the charging box indicator light flashes, it indicates low power, please use a 5V/2A power supply that meets safety regulations to charge. During charging, the indicator light is in a breathing state, when it is fully charged, the indicator light is always on.

Click the light effect switch, the ambient breathing light is on, it will automatically go out after 3 minutes, there are a total of 6 groups of light effects, click the button to switch.

The dynamic sound quality and unique mech appearance give you a different experience.

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