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2023 mechanical wireless headset selection guide

Guía para comprar los auriculares inalámbricos personalizados más baratos en 2023

Based on tens of thousands of questionnaires from, YouTube, Ins and other platforms, we’ve put together a guide to the best wireless headphones for 2023, which we hope will give you solid suggestions for your wireless headphone purchase.

Design and appearance

There is a wide range of wireless headphones on the market today, from pod, neckband, ear, pillar, etc., in all shapes and sizes.

wireless headphones Design and appearance

The headphones can also be worn in three ways: headband, in-ear and semi-aural.

Selection can be based on their own needs to buy, normal application scenario as the main way to buy, for example:

If you are usually more of a sports person, then in-ear headphones are recommended, wireless headphones do not easily fall off and cause loss when exercising;

if you are usually in the office or in the game room, then headphones are more likely to exclude distractions and allow you to fully immerse yourself in them;

All other scenarios can be purchased based on your needs.

How wireless headphones are driven

Wireless headphones are divided into sound conduction methods: ear canal conduction and bone conduction.

Bone conduction headphones are usually better in terms of water resistance and wearing comfort, as they are conducted through the bones and usually hang directly from the ears, plus there is no need to leave a sound outlet, but they can leak sound.

The disadvantage is that they need to be in contact with the ear canal all the time, which can make them uncomfortable to wear for a long time, while bone conduction is relatively freer, except that if you exercise vigorously, the contact surface with the bones may be large or small, which affects sound transmission.

Technical data of wireless headphones

Although the display of the parameters of wireless headphones, will make many people feel pain, however, this is really the key to measure the merits of a wireless headphones, because in addition to good looks, the most important thing is to look at the function of wireless headphones, performance, just choose a better performance of wireless headphones, in order to get a better experience of listening to music.

Wireless headphones we need to focus on the following technical parameters:

Bluetooth version:

The level of Bluetooth version will affect whether it is compatible with your current cell phone or device, in addition to the efficiency of the connection between the device and the wireless headphones, currently 5.3 + EDR is better;

Speaker size:

Regardless of the type of headphones, the sound scaling is done through the speaker, so the size of the speaker is also a parameter that we should take into account when buying wireless headphones.

Frequency response:

The wider the frequency response range, the better the compatibility of your wireless headphones, generally recommended: 20Hz-20kHz.

In addition, parameters such as sensitivity, impedance, microphone sensitivity, type of battery in the charging compartment, charging time of the headphones, etc. are technical parameters to be taken into account.

Noise reduction methods

If the wireless headphones themselves have the function of noise cancellation, the sound of the wireless headphones will be clearer. We can take a good look at the parameters of the wireless headphones when we buy them to see if they have the noise cancellation function, if it is not clearly indicated, we should also ask the dealer if they have the noise cancellation function.

In general, wireless headphones worn on the ear are more conducive to physical noise reduction because of the way they are used.

The above is what we need to consider when buying wireless headphones, of course, if you think you still can not choose a better headphone, you can directly use the headphones I am using, I am currently using a Novamos K89 Pro version of wireless headphones.

Exterior design of the Novamos K89 Pro mech

These headphones have a very distinctive design and look great through the mech housing design.

Three beautiful color styles to choose from:

The Novamos K89 Pro headphones are in-ear, which ensures that the headphones are suitable for a wide range of usage scenarios and can also act as physical noise cancellation:

The parameters of Novamos K89 Pro are the best configuration for the current price:

Bluetooth version5.3+EDR
Speaker size10 mm moving coil unit
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz
MIC sensitivity-38dB
Charging compartment Battery typelithium-ion polymer battery.
Charging time of the headphonesin less than 2 hours
Charging time of the charging compartmentlithium-ion polymer battery.
play timein less than 2 hours

The Novamos K89 Pro features a more stable in-ear driver pattern to ensure crisp sound, and to alleviate the discomfort of extended wear, the Novamos K89 Pro has been designed with lighter materials to ensure they are not uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Here are the links to buy the Novamos K89 Pro at a discount, so you can get your favorite color:

K89 PRO Wick Wireless Headphones

  • Unique mecha-style sci-fi design
  • High-definition sound quality with dynamic bass
  • 28-hour battery life
  • Comfortable to wear, three pairs of ergonomically designed ear cushions
  • Quick pairing and headphone with easy touch controls
  • Three modes for all occasions
  • Portable wireless earbuds that double as a fashionable necklace or desk decoration

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